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  1. New Devotion for 04/15/12 on my Blog Page. Read it... Here
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Who's Here

Standing in the Gap is a 30 day devotional and prayer journal. Many times the spiritual battles we find ourselves in take more strength than we could have ever imagined before we were in them. It is very easy to feel isolated and grow weary. The intent of this devotional is to come alongside you and to bring encouragement and support during this struggle. It's focus is primarily towards those who are standing for a loved one whom they are estranged from or they from you. If you are standing for a loved one, or a child who is not where they should be, this devotional will bless and encourage you. That is my prayer. Volume 1 is now being considered by publishers and hopefully will be available soon, and Volume 2 is currently being written. Each day has 4 parts. The first is a photograph with the day's verse on it, this is the scripture that the days focus will be on. Part 2 is the day's verse with other verses that support it, and a morning prayer. Part 3 is the devotion. Part 4 is an evening prayer and a place to journal. If you go to the menu to the left that is titled "Standing in the Gap", and click the links below it, you can see a sample day from Volume 1, or Volume 2.....It will hopefully be available in stores, and online, and here soon.

loveI searched for a man among them who would repair the wall and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land so that I might not destroy it, but I found no one.

EzekielĀ  22:30