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The Bible tells us over and over again of the importance of praise and worship. Music is healing, soothing, and encouraging all at the same time. Few weapons are as powerful as even the most simple worship. There have been so many times in my life, especially in the last 10 years when I was so spiritually exhausted that I could hardly find the strength to breathe, let alone effectively fight, yet the most important people in my life needed me to find that strength. So many times I would put on a worship song or force myself to to sing even the most simple of choruses, and always enough strength for one more prayer would come. The fight is still raging and it is still so today. The Word tells us that the Lord inhabits the praise of His people. I am so glad for that. The quality doesn't matter. In fact I believe even the most atonal and arrhythmic sobs of exhaustion from a broken, surrendered heart blesses the Lord as much or more than performance that has been practiced to perfection. For you see He listens to motive. He listens to where you are coming from. He isn't limited to hear only what comes from our mouths and fingers to His ears. He listens to our hearts with His. There is a reason that on the home page one of the first things I recommend is that you listen to and watch the videos I have there. I know how exhausted you are. I know the strength you can find there. I have always loved music and I hope to get some of my own on the site soon. When I do it will be under the "Music" menu to the left.

Here is a link to a worship site I have found much peace and encouragement in.

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