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>  ..It seems that most Christians today believe that the Bible says what they want to do, rather than believing that they need to do what the Bible says..  <


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Who's Here

Hi, welcome to my website. Even though I have screensavers and artwork  displayed and for sale here, it is not the main thrust of what I hope to accomplish with this website. To me, it’s main purpose is to encourage, (For we all go through seasons of needing that  don't we?) and to teach. To our disgrace it is nearly impossible today to tell the difference between those who proclaim Christ and those who don’t; this though we are commanded to be a unique people, set apart from the world. Our churches are in so many ways indistinguishable from country clubs, or even night clubs. Pastors and teachers are in so many cases afraid to speak the truth or simply don’t want to so as to not offend anyone. Those who claim Christ sin as fervently as the rest of the world because it is erroniously taught, and  mistakenly believed that because of Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s grace and mercy  sin will just be winked at. That we are somehow owed forgiveness regardless of our behavior. We should be ashamed; yet we are not, because after all doesn’t God want us to be happy? In truth He is more interested that we strive to be Holy. Many, feel that this view is legalistic, and that those who believe it don't understand God's grace, I simply believe it is the truth of His Word. What He requires, and in fact demands, and deserves, of those who proclaim to belong to Him. I am a work in progress and as I learn new things or gain new insights I will be sharing my thoughts. Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and the grace and mercy God shows us because of His Son’s sacrifice is not a license to sin, rather in it is the power to turn from sin and obey. That is our duty. Only in repentance is there forgiveness. Walking with God is not a stroll, it is a climb, and at times a very steep one, but rest assured He is right beside us the whole way. Again it is my hope that you find encouragement and education here. Make yourself at home and….   Be Blessed: Jim

To view some videos that I find encouragement in when I’m struggling, click on the menu to the left that says “Music Videos”.

I hope they encourage you as much as they do me....

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 

Place your hope....all of it, in Jesus

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