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Church today looks very different than it did even 45 years ago. In some ways as far as aesthetics are concerned possibly some of these changes have been beneficial. Underneath the aesthetics sadly, there have also been many very dangerous doctrinal changes. Changes to doctrines that had been KNOWN as truth for 1000’s of years. One of the most tragic in my opinion is the doctrinal changes regarding divorce and remarriage that most every denomination now accepts as truth, though contrary to what the Word of God plainly teaches IS the truth. For the most part prior to the last 45 years, most denominations held to the same doctrine that Biblical scholars and teachers had known and taught as truth since the time of the Lord’s original teachings on the subject. Hermes, Justin Martyr, Origen, Augustin all of these great theologians taught what they knew to be the truth: Marriage is a covenant until death, between one woman and one man. God hates divorce. And to remarry if you are divorced if your original spouse is alive is adultery. The truth of these doctrinal beliefs stood firm until approximately 50 years ago, this despite the fact that seeds of deceit were planted 500 hundred years ago with Erasmus’ misinterpretations (which were based on his humanistic views, and selfish desires), and the early reformist’s zeal for change. No doctrine in the church has experienced a more profound and tragic metamorphosis than this one. To read complete articles that discuss this issue click on the links under the "Divorce/Remarriage" menu to the left. To jump right to Article #1 click below.

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What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Matt 19:6